When in Texas Spirits Saloon

There’s nothing like going out at night with your friends and enjoying a tasteful drink at a good bar. In bars like Texas Spirits Saloon, it is very important that you maintain a good etiquette to avoid getting kicked out and banned from the establishment. It is essential to remind yourself to be civil and proper; remember that alcohol drinking is not a valid reason to mess up an evening at the bar. Here are some reminders that you should keep in mind.

Don’t start a fight with anyone or avoid fighting.

For whatever reason, do not start a fight with someone at the bar; should it be inevitable, do it outside. Take it somewhere else. Fighting inside the bar could be a ground for you to get arrested and banned from entering the establishment ever again.

When in Texas Spirits Saloon

If you feel the need to vomit, do it in the bathroom.

If you have a little too much to eat or drink and you feel like you need to vomit, do not do it on the bar top. Go to the toilet as fast as you can. If you feel like you cannot make it to the bathroom on time, you might as well find the nearest trash can and deposit your vomit us there.

When in Texas Spirits Saloon

Don’t be rude to the bartender.

Even if you have a little too much to drink, avoid starting an argument with the bartender for any reason. If you have a problem with anyone of them, you can always vent your concerns to the manager of the bar. Arguing with the bartender will just start a fight.

If you don’t like the bartender, look for another one.

Bars have several bartenders. So, if you do not like the one tending your drinks, you might want to transfer at the other side of the bar where the other bartender is tending.

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