Setting Up a Night Club

There are a lot of nightclubs that open all over the world every two year to promote tourism and nightlife in cities of various sizes. However, this type of business venture have a high chance of failure primarily due to high operating expenses, competition, and lack of vision from their owners. It is important to note that in order to stand out in this industry; you need to establish a theme, hire bartenders, and pay attention to the design of the club. Knowledge and understanding on how to succeed in this business venture will go a long way to keep it up and running.

Night clubs can be classified according to the drinks they serve or they type of environment they provide to their customers. Clubs such as martini bars or micro-breweries may be able to offer you a variety of menu aside from what their names suggest; however, most of their customers prefer to go to them because of the signature products that they offer.

Setting Up a Night Club

Note that other night clubs have done away with the typical pianist playing in the corner for live entertainment since most people nowadays prefer a more modern feel. More often than not, these modern night clubs have bouncers at the door and may charge you with a door fee. This door fee is their own way of ensuring that they’d attract classy customers and it also keeps an impression that bad behavior is strictly discouraged.

The night clubs we usually see have separate areas for drinking, dining, and dancing. Their drinking area usually have a longer bar table and they also have an exclusive room bar for VIP customers or exclusive parties. The dining area, on the other hand, consists of booths that are lined along the walls with tables that are good for two to four persons. Lastly, their dance floor may be a small area with hardwood floors which allow clients to dance. For night club establishments to stand out from their customers, however, they need to be able to choose decorations, lighting, tables, and chairs that are unique and stylish.

Setting Up a Night Club

The floor area of the night club can be an important factor in its success. It should neither be too small nor too big. The average size ranges 2,500 square feet to 10,000 square feet depending upon the number of expected customers. Most of the space are allocated for the bar, dining area, and dance floor; while, the rest is allocated to the kitchen area and the office.

Setting Up a Night Club

Marketing Night Club Establishments

These establishments largely depend upon word of mouth and excellent reviews in order to create a name for itself in the neighborhood. However, they also make use of signage and advertisements in order for them to gain instant identification from potential customers. It is important to note that marketing largely depends upon the establishment’s target market.

Setting Up a Night Club

What Night Club Owners Need to Consider?

It is very important to put great consideration into hiring employees and choosing the type and brand of alcohol they will be serving before they start turning on their neon signs. Although it is essential to hire employees that are hard-working for the bar and dining areas, they should also consider their personalities in order to create a positive impression to the clients. Note that, young and attractive employees who can talk and speak casually with customers can help ensure repeat customers and good reviews.

Aside from all that, it is best that you serve drinks that are of high quality vodka, bourbon, tequila, and other liquors. They may cost you much, but tasty drinks can boost the establishment’s image in the industry.

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