Four Types of Drinkers in a Bar

There are three types of people that you can see in a bar; those who are celebrating, those who are drowning their sorrows, and those who are there just for the heck of it. But one thing’s for certain, they all came there to drink the night out. There are several types of drinkers in a bar; there is the initiator, the follower, the moderator, and the protector.

The initiator are basically those people whom we call the “life of the party” or the “party animals”. They make sure that every single one in the group is always drinking; thus, the flow of alcohol never stops. They are primarily the ones who make sure that each night spent at the bar is going to be epic. Aside from that, they are the ones who know everything there is to know about alcohol, as well as the best clubs in town. With them, you are guaranteed to have the night of your life.

The follower, on the other hand, is the fun and easy going type. They basically just go with how the things are going and they are highly influenced by their peers; thus, easily pressured from the social expectations of drinking in a club. They tend to get along so well with the initiators; followers and initiators usually go to clubs together. Most of the followers tend to go with the flow in order to make themselves cooler in the eyes of their peers.

Four Types of Drinkers in a Bar

The third type which is the moderator is the preacher; they always remind younger people or their peers to drink in moderation. The good thing about the moderator is that they can take care of themselves on a night out since they are very well aware of their alcohol drinking limits. They are the ones whom once they know they’ve had enough; they plainly stop drinking for the entire night. They are also the ones who are not so keen in going to night outs since they prefer to go to chill places where you can only see a few drunken people.

The last type of drinker is the protector. They are the “motherly” ones of the group as they are the ones who make sure that no one would do something as stupid as starting a fight in the club. Like the moderators, they are not so fussed about getting drunk since they don’t want any of the group to get into trouble.

Four Types of Drinkers in a Bar

It is very important to note that when you go on a night out with friends, it is a good idea that (as much as possible) you bring a long at least one friend who is a moderator and another who is a protector. This will help you ensure that you will not only have a night filled with fun and booze, but trouble-free as well. Always remember that although having too much to drink can be fun, ending the night with bruises will make you regret having to go to a club at all.

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